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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
11:20 am
City of Heroes Stuff
So I made a character a little while ago named Kid Fantastic. I didn't know if I'd actually like playing him, since I've not had much luck getting the Controller Archtype off the ground. But I liked the name, and I liked the costume, so that's usually enough to get me to level 10 or so before quiting the character. He's sitting at level 8 right now, and it's starting to look like I might keep the guy around. I mean, Kid Fantastic. How can you not love that? I'm still not sure what his build is going to look like ten levels from now, so I'm mostly counting on the name getting me some team invites. Also, any suggestions for a battle cry?
Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
7:41 am
No matter how old you get, two words evoke great happiness and excitement.

Snow day!

Work called me and told me to stay home, since the roads are supposed to get pretty bad throughout the day. Doesn't hurt that we only have eight employees, so missing even two people makes things hectic.
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
3:30 pm
Woo! Final Fantasy VI for GBA is mine. Completely forgot it came out today, remembered at lunch, and was able to zip down there and pick up the last copy. Been a while since I busted out the GBA.
Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
4:17 pm
Let me tell you about this pear I'm eating. Found it in a gift basket from building management. It's a basket from Harry & David, so it's good stuff. I go to squeeze the pear, check how ripe it is. My thumb goes an inch in. It's crazy. It's like eating a water balloon.
Monday, November 20th, 2006
1:40 pm
My Wii Adventure
Having never been involved in a system launch before, it didn't take much for me to get swept up in the hysteria of the Wii launch. I had staked out my store, the Watertown Target, and knew they were getting 69 units. I figured that if I got there at 6am or so, I could squeeze into number 60 or so, and that's fine with me. My parents were up that weekend, and I didn't want to be overtired for their visit.

Then comes Saturday night. Lindsay, my folks, and I went to the Watertown Target to look at stuff, and I couldn't help myself. I had to look at the line. So I step outside, and I see the first person in line setting up his tent. A camper. I wasn't really expecting that at 5:30pm the night before. I started to really doubt my 6am plan.

We get home, and I'm waffling all over the place, trying to figure out what time to set my alarm clock. I settle on 4:15am, and do my best to fall asleep at 9:30. My alarm goes off, and I jump out of bed. I toss on the clothes I put out the night before (full knowing I'd be in no condition to pick out clothes in the dark at 4:15am. I'm out the door and on the road at 4:20am. I found it really hard not to speed, because I just had to know how long the line was. I had it pegged at 35 people or so, but I just couldn't be sure. About three blocks from the Target, it starts to rain. Figures. I pull into the parking lot, and try to see the line, but it's dark. However, I see people standing in the parking lot at the edge of the building, so that can't be good. I park my car (badly, having seen it once there was daylight) and jump in line with a pillow in hand. I had figured I'd get a sidewalk spot, and could sit on the ground with my back to the wall. No such luck.

There was a group of about seven guys in front of me from Northeastern, so I started chatting with them. Turns out they got there about five minutes before me, so I'm already dreading them getting a ticket, but not me, all over five minutes. Within ten minutes, there's another ten people behind me, including a QA Lead from Harmonix, makers of Guitar Hero.

An hour later, we get our first visit from the Target supervisor. He goes down the line, counting people and giving the details of how this will work. 7am they give out tickets, 8am you get your Wii. He gets to me, and dubs me number 61. Way too close to 69 for my liking. There's about 90 people in line now, so we ask him if he can hand out tickets now, seeing as how we have the 69 needed. He says he can't, because people might join the line ahead of us. This puts up all kinds of alarms. Apparently, they were letting people hold their place in line to go get food and such. Now, number 61 seems even less secure.

Then there was the van. Someone, in the middle of the night, parked a full sized white van at about the middle point of the line. He also parked in a Fire Lane. The windows were tinted, so we couldn't make out how many were in there. Turns out there were four people sleeping in there. Then the question comes. "Did they get counted?" Great. So now I'm thinking I'm number 65. All it will take is four people jumping in line to push me out. At this point, my section of the line watching everyone like hawks. No one was going to jump in line.

The sun starts coming up around 6am, and people start to get really impatient. The doors open, and Target guy comes out. We all line up, and crane our necks to try and count the line. We can't hear a thing, but can clearly see the stack of tickets getting smaller and smaller. All I want to know is what number they're at, but the guy isn't saying. Finally, a guy about ten spots up, raises his fists in the air and yells "52!". I was going to get one. Concerns about wasting over two hours in line are gone. In two hours, I would be home, playing Nintendo.

The Wii rocks. Really. It's going to be huge.
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
12:36 pm
Quick update. I got promoted at work. I now own all the marketing, advertising, conferences, website, as well as some work towards potential clients that I'm not clear on yet.
Monday, October 16th, 2006
12:01 pm
So, the next two weeks at work are going to be pretty slow for me. My boss is away on business in China and Europe, and his stuff fills up most of my time. This means I'll have alot more time to kill and browse the Intertron. Give me suggestions on stuff I should read up on / learn, because I can't think of a subject. Please avoid crazy math stuffs.
Friday, September 22nd, 2006
9:53 am
So, out of the blue, Shawn called me yesterday. I'd almost accepted that he had died somehow. Turns out, he had dropped his cellphone into the ocean while on a sailboat. And then tried to jump after it. While going eight knots. His friend had to physically restrain him, informing him that a sailboat can't just stop and turn around. So anyway, he swings by around 9:30 last night. Good to see the kid. And now I know he's not dead.
Thursday, September 14th, 2006
8:16 am
November 19th
November 19th, the Wii lands. $250 for the console, a controller, and Wii Sports. It will destroy me.
Monday, August 7th, 2006
9:25 am
It's been a busy week. We're coming up on one full week in our new place, and things are working out pretty well. We still haven't gotten any mail yet though, so that's a bit not good. At least I can access all my bills online.

Our new desks showed up Saturday night. Unfinished pine. We layed out old shower curtains on the floor, and stained them black that night. Sunday morning, we did two coats of poly. The desks now sit where we planned, and we get to finally hook up our computers tonight.

Oh, and we tested our new internet connection on a website. It was rated: Awesome. :D

There's still stuff to unpack, but most of that will go away when we set up our desks. Kitchen still needs work, but it's made progress. The big thing we still need is couches. This weekend is the No Tax weekend, so we're going to head up to Jordan's and buy our couches then. Hopefully they're in stock.
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
10:41 am
Well, we got moved out. There were complications, but everything got out. Lindsay and I are pretty well exhausted, but we'll be moving into the new place in about 2 hours or so. At least that leg isn't so pressed for time. I get excited by the prospect of moving, I really do, but it'll be nice to have all the stuff in our apartment. The unpacking isn't a big deal, it's a leisurely pace. Movers. Next time, movers.
Sunday, July 30th, 2006
2:40 pm
News from the front
It's been a long, long weekend thus far. The couch lays slain, most of it sitting in a dump somewhere I suppose. The metal frame for the sofa bed gave up the ghost yesterday while I watched Hackers, victim of my hacksaw. Game systems are packed, making my entertainment center looking very wanting. Lindsay has cleaned out the computer room, and it is currently being used to store luggage and packed up food. Laundy is done and packed (mostly), and dishes should be done in two hours or so. The biggest obsticle left for us today is getting the bedroom furniture (sans bed), moved downstairs to the dining room. That involves putting our computers away and undoing the table. At least our bedroom furniture is pine, so it's about as light as it's going to get. We've got the mystery hole in the wall patched up as good as it's going to get, so no sense worrying about that anymore. At the least, it's comparable to the patch jobs that are in there from when we moved in.

So really, packing is just about done. After we move the remaining furniture out of the bedroom, the rest of the night will probably be spent cleaning up.

Justin, thanks again for helping us move tomorrow morning. Should only be a dozen or so things I'll need a hand with.
Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
11:20 am
I haven't updated for a while, so I'll just dump everything at once.

1) We're moving. Have to be out by Monday at noon, and can't go to the new place till Tuesday at noon. Fun. Everything is taken care of though, so it should go smooth enough.

2) Packing for the move has gone rather well so far. Lindsay is on a throwing away spree, leaving me to pack the meager belongings that escape her path.

3) I get to destroy our couch tomorrow. Also, our desks. They will all be trashed, to be replaced by new ones.

4) Does anyone want two dressers/shelve things? Kinda girly design. Free.

5) We're buying a new car. Ordered it yesterday. The deposit hurt, and the remainder of the down payment will hurt more, but we do need another car. At least my Dad works at GM, so he's making sure we don't get bulldozed.

6) I hit level 50 in City of Heroes. That means I win. It also unlocks an epic class, which is a form changing alien. I mostly play as a flying squid with death rays. The game is largely reminiscent of Xevious now.

7) I seem to have blown out my wrist. It sucks. May have something to do with #6.

8) Someone started a fire in the office kitchen. It wasn't me. Sorry to dissapoint.

9) 135 days till we go to Disney World.

10) The new ECW has been pretty boring so far.

11) Lindsay informs me I've talked about finances in my sleep. Interest rates on blankets, and such.

12) Anyone want a free TV?

I think that's it.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
12:21 pm
I really want a bacon sandwich. Maybe a little mayo. On toasted bread. That'd be awesome.

But I have bologna.
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
12:30 am
Ultima Online
So, I was a bit bored tonight, so I decided to install Ultima Online and jump on a free player-run server. I decide to roll up a bit of a vagabond. Not a thief, persay, but just someone who gets by with doing as little as possible. Quick on the wits and such. Now, I haven't played in a while, so I only have a general idea of where things are. So I drop everything but a candle into the bank, and head out on the road I think leads to Vesper, a town I like. Twenty minutes later, it's obvious I took a wrong turn somewhere. So I turn towards the East and follow the coastline. I'd have to hit it eventually. Fifteen minutes later, I run into two players who are murderers and villains. Now, being a vet of this game, I know I can't run away. I'd be out of breath before I got ten feet, and dead at eleven. So, as I'm getting spells tossed at me, I strike up a conversation.

The two players are called Frost Bite and Kenneth III. Kenneth is the one tossing lightning at me, so I was hoping Frost would be talkative. And he was. We converse about the odd weather (lightning and fire being hurled at me). Kenneth stops attacking me, decides he'll let me go on one condition. I need to hand over my clothes and my candle, or they kill me and take them anyway. I decide that I'd rather keep my clothes, and both of his options mean I lose them. So, I keep him talking. I discuss the social implications of a naked man walking through the woods, and how improper it would be. I bring up the chilly air, and how it wouldn't be good for my health. I even mention the shoddy quality of my clothing. This went nowhere. At this point, for some reason, Frost begins to tell a story. I think it was meant as analogy of why I should hand over my clothes. It wasn't a good story, but I praised it. Then Kenneth decided he wanted to tell a story. It was... disturbing. Then, they demanded I tell a story. I figured being asked for a story rather than my pants was progress, so I came up with "The Legend of Captain Cobb".

Basically, the story was a small skiff Captain wanting grand adventure, and nearly drowning. He then rides a sea serpent to shore. It was more complex than that, but it's a general outline. They seem to like it, and give me an apple. They offer me dinner, so I accept. Again, I'm in no position to decline. Even if I could run, I'm ten minutes from the guards. So they open a portal to their home and show me around. I recognize where I am, but I still wouldn't be able to make it to safety. They show me the house, and then Kenneth returns to demanding my clothes. Frost is now on my side, the side of pants. This caused the two of them to get into a fight. In their home. While I, a complete stranger, watch. I'm hoping Frost wins, because then I could make a run for it. When Frost dies, I figure I'm done. My advocate is dead. Frost logs out, and I'm left with the murderer with an affinity for my pants.

Upon asking for my clothes again, I bring up how hospitable he has been, and how impressive it is that he runs his own guild. I thank him for dinner, and ask him if I trained my abilities, could I perhaps join him? He offers me membership right then, but I insist on building my reputation first so as not to drag down his name. I mention that I could get training in Vesper, and if he could point me in the right direction, I'd head right off to get started. He mentions that this is an island, and I can't walk there. I already knew this, but played along and wondered alound how I could get there. He then offers to open a portal for me. As soon as it opens, I bolt through. He's a murderer, and if he were to enter town, he'd be killed on site.

And that is how Raul got out of the woods, kept his pants, and found his way to Vesper.
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
10:18 am
I've decided to start collecting most of the DC Animated Universe DVD's. So stuff like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League. I figure I can get all the ones I want in about two months. My first purchse arrived yesterday. Season One and Two of Batman:TAS. I knew I liked the show, but I forgot how much. I really missed the Joker. So still on the list is Season 3 and 4 of Batman:TAS. Superman Season 1 and 2. Batman Beyond Season 1, and Justice League Season 1. After that, it's just a matter of buying Batman Beyond and JLA as they come out. The cool thing about them is that they're all done by the same producer, so all of them exist in the same Universe. (Teen Titans is it's own thing. One of the reasons I'm not getting it. That, and I don't really care for it.)

After the DVD's, I guess I'm going to have to buy a DVD shelf or something.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
9:23 am
General Update
It's been a while since I've posted, so I'll try and do a general update.

I guess the biggest event lately is that Lindsay and I finally managed to join the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). We'd wanted to join for quite a while, but last year was our "Deny ourselves alot of stuff and pay off credit cards" year. We'll probably have another one of those next year. But this year, we'll be getting some things we've needed/wanted. Besides the DVC, we now have a fairly large television. I have named it Teletran One. With Lindsay's ride to work moving to California, a new car is also in the works. Hopefully we can work it out to have it by June.

We're considering moving after our lease is up this year. August I think. Considering that we're looking to move out of state in two years, it'd be nice to move to a cheaper apartment and save up cash for a big move like that. I also have the gut feeling that our landlords will raise the rent this next year because of the windows they put in.

Work isn't horrible right now, but that's mainly because I've become detached from it. They only give raises (real raises, not cost of living raises) if you get a promotion, and there's no other position I want to go to. So I really have no motivation to excel, so I just put my head down and do my work, and mostly try to ignore the day. Lindsay gets her review soon, so we'll see if I can get a new job after she finds our what her future holds.

Onto the world of gaming.

I'd never played a game of Civilization before, but after reading a few succession games on a forum, it intrigued me enough to download the demo for Civ 4. It must be my somewhat newly found affinity for Strategy RPG's, but I took to it instantly. The only problem is that the demo only gives you 100 turns, which apparently isn't much in Civ years. Needless to say, I'm now saving for the full game.

I also broke down and bought City of Villians when it hit my pricepoint, $20. Thank you Circuit City! I think my next character is going to be a circus clown reject who has harnesed the power of undead minions.

I've also dusted off my DS and resumed playing Pheonix Wright. Once I beat it, I think I'll have to loan it to Justin. I think he'll dig it.

Lastly, but not leastly, is Guitar Hero. This is the game I play when I hate myself. It's an insanely fun game, but the hard songs are quite hard. Pantera, I raise my aching arm at you and your cowboys from hell! I'd shake my fist, but trying to keep up with those riffs has left my motor skills much to be desired.

So that's pretty much me. Disney, large TV, financials, boring job, and videogames.
Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
10:53 am
Tonight. Xmen Legends. Many optic blasts and property damage to ensue.
Friday, December 9th, 2005
9:24 am
Ok, this pisses me off. Our HR person makes the calls on whether we close due to weather. No one got a voicemail saying it was closed, so half of us called out for the day, and the other half trudged in. Turns out, she decided to take the day off due to weather, but didn't close the office. So it was bad enough for her not to come in, but not bad enough for us to stay home. Grah!
Friday, November 4th, 2005
11:32 am
So I went to pick up Lindsay from work yesterday, and on the way back, we see some protestors on the corner. They weren't causing any trouble, just holding up signs like "Honk if you like peace." However, there was this older woman with a flag that I was trying to read. Something about it didn't seem right. I had to wait for a good breeze to unfurl the flag, but my suspicions were correct. Written on a rainbow striped flag, in big bold letters, read "PACE". I yelled "PACE!" out of the window as we drove by, and I think I got a thumbs up from a hippie.

Pace out.
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